Saprem Namasthe – Namaskar – Vannakum
Brahmande Hindu Dharma Janeh, Swagatam! Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam!

My name is Jaydevbhai Shukla, I thank you for visiting my  website. I am a Hindu priest based in Lenasia, Johannesburg, South Africa.

I conduct various Hindu ceremonies according to Hindu rituals and rights for  local communities.

Whilst all Hindus fundamentally believe in the same thing, there are various rituals and ceremonies that differ according to the specific culture or group. It is for that reason, that I tailor ceremonies that I perform according to individual needs and belief systems.

Whether you are unsure of what you want or already have or already have a clear understanding of your needs, I am here to help guide your special ceremony to perfection. My services are available both nationally and internationally and are delivered in Gujarati, Hindi or English/

Please note that due to Covid, if somebody needs, I do offer my service online too




Whether it’s a traditional Hindu wedding service you require or a shorter tailored service to fulfil your personal requirements, I will assure you a service where communication is key to ensure that your marital ceremony will be perfect and memorable for you and your guests.


Ganesh Pooja, Grah Shaanti (Saatak) and Mandvo are auspicious Pooja’s undertaken at the time of marriage where a priest is required to conduct the service. These ceremonies are conducted to invite Lord Ganesh into the homes of both the bride and groom to ensure the smooth running and removal of obstacles alongside bringing happiness and prosperity.

Kathas and Havans

If you require a religious ceremony to either bless your home or fulfill a personal promise (Manta) I offer  a service to suit your exact needs. These ceremonies are a way of inviting The Gods into your premises and allowing them to grace you with their presence and shower their blessings to bring peace, prosperity, calm and spirituality.

Funeral Services

As with all in life each element has its opposite and equal, with light there is dark, with happiness there is sadness and with life there is death. I will provide a compassionate religious service either traditional, tailored or both to suit your family needs.

Shree Jaydevbhai Shukla (Resident Priest, Lakshmi Narayan Mandir, Lenasia, Johannesburg)
Tel: (27 11) 011 8546372

e-mail: priest@priestji.com